Acrylic Decking is one of most popular, versatile, and durable overlay system on the
market today. Acrylic Decking is an attractive, decorative, slip-resistant finish most
commonly used on pool decks patios, driveways, and walkway areas. It can be
applied in many colors, textures, and patterns.
This application is one of the most uses of our Decorative Concrete Overlay
Polymer Cement products. This process provides you with the look and feel of stone, slate
and various Textures styles in a concrete surface.

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Stardust  is a very economical, yet very beautiful system. Stardust is  not a paint, its a high in
solids acrylic concrete sealer that comes in many different colors.   IT has a smooth finish, but
very slip resistant, easy to clean and no re-sealing needed.
Pavers have become very popular in resent years especially over existing pool decks for there
durability and low maintenance and to cover up concrete cracks. Thin pavers can also be installed
on patios, driveways, and walkways.  
We use two kind of stains, reactive acid stains non reactive both witch can leave your
concrete with incredible color, patterns and natural appearance of aged stone.
Transforming an ordinary concrete slab into a luxurious floor that resembles marble
orglazed stone. Also a great combination with our concrete engraving system.
These coatings are most often used for garage floors , but it also works great on laundry rooms,
basements, shop floors, concrete slabs, and interior floors. Its very easy to clean, maintain, and is
chemical resistant. The best part about these coatings is that they come in many colors and when
added chips can give you the look of granite or terrazzo floors.
Now that you have a  beautiful entrance, pool deck, driveway, or patio why not protect it from
stain, mildew, and weather with a clear penetrating sealer. Which is made specially to restore
and protect your expensive surface while bringing out your pavers natural colors. This is a
preventative maintenance that's also attractive.
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Garage Floors
Nice landscaping border
Landscape curbing is a fast growing trend to help enhance your landscape design. You
can have it installed around your garden, flower beds, sidewalk, driveway, or any where
else you would like to add an attractive concrete edge. There are different shapes,
colors, and stamp patterns to chose from.